Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It has just been pointed out that I made an error in the date for this Friday's Morning Tea+. The Google Tips and Tricks session is at 10.30 am on Friday the 20th and so the emails should be in by 4.30 pm. on Thursday 19th

Contact the library to reserve a place

Monday, February 16, 2009

By Aeroplane to Pygmyland

by Paul Michael Taylor, Asian Cultural History Program, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution.

Anyone interested in New Guinea and its cultural history might like to look at this presentation from the Smithsonian Libraries which includes not only the diaries by the American participants but over 700 photos, interpretative essays and films about the 1926 Dutch and American Expedition to New Guinea.

Google Tips and Tricks

At the Morning Tea+ scheduled for Friday 19th we will be looking at some tricks to make the most of your Google Searches.

Drop up to the Library on Level 15 at 10.30 am for coffee and biscuits. If there are sufficient people interested in the presentation we will adjourn to the conference room on Level 14.

Bookings are essential

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Links to Internet Resources

All the library links to internet resources have now been entered on Delicious and shortly we plan to switch our links to this site.

Here is a brief guide to the features on the site

Viewing options
Title – this just displays the title of the website
Title and Tags – this shows what tags have been assigned to each site

Users can sort the bookmarks
Most recent

TIP - - Library staff recommend sorting and viewing them in alphabetical order since this provides the viewer with an alphabetical listing of the websites

Users can show up to 100
Use the little blue arrow at the foot of the page to select the number you want from 10 to 100

Tip - - Library staff recommend selecting 100 as this makes it easier to work through the alphabetical list of the websites

Searching for sites using the TAGS
Type the first letter of your subject into the search box and then select term from the dropdown list

Top 10 (the most frequently used on the site) are at the top

Dig down or hone in using the Tag bundles
Tag bundles are the broad subject areas/access points
These are used to organise the indexing into the equivalent of chapter headings in a book.
Within each tag bundle are associated tags (sub-headings) which you access in two ways:
by Clicking on the Tag Bundle heading
by clicking on the arrow head beside the tag bundle
Search within the these headings using the Related tags at the right of the screen to locate more specific topics

Unbundled tags
These are headings not assigned or associated with any particular bundle.
They provide access to individual subject areas regardless of which Tag bundle they may be associated with

Please take the time to look at this site and

Contact the library to comment on this site

Monday, February 2, 2009

Library Lovers' Day

On Friday 13th the Library will be celebrating Library Lovers' Day with a very special morning tea in the library at 10:30.

Please join us for great food and take part in our competition.

Bring along your cups, mugs or glasses and share with us your thoughts on why you love the Library.

RSVP by 4:30 pm on Thursday 12th

.Landmark study on green collar jobs

This study (published in 2007 and released in February 2008), "found that green collar jobs are highly suitable for people who would typically struggle to find work." Includes the full report, findings from which were based on interviews with more than 20 green businesses in Berkeley, California, and an executive summary and news story. From California State University; report author is an urban studies professor at San Francisco State University

Green Collar Blog

The primary aim of the blog is to help persons in the US to locate jobs that focus on environmental and social responsibility the Reports & Research section may provide resources of interest to others and the News items inform of current trends in “green jobs”.

Library Updates

This is just a friendly reminder to all those who wish to register as recipients of up-dates to this list that you will need to register Library@EPA.qld.gov.au as a safe site in order to prevent your updates being identified as Spam or as being Spoofed and this rejected. If you are unsure about how to do this just call us up and we will “walk” you through the process.

A Taste of "Delicious"

The topic for discussion at the next scheduled Morning Tea+ on Friday February 6, in the Level 14 Conference Room is Delicious. This is a tool which allows the user to store all their favourite websites and allows access from any terminal at any time.

During this talk we will have a look at the Library collection of Websites currently under construction, discover the features available in the resource, and present suggestions on how you can get started in creating your own collection of sites.

Spaces are limited so be sure to RSVP by the 4:30 on Thursday 5th.

Contact the library to request a place