Thursday, November 27, 2008

Queensland Parliament Tabled Papers Database

In 2007 the Queensland Parliament developed a single repository database for all papers tabled in the Queensland Parliament, which is accessible on the Queensland Parliament's website. Over time, this database will be updated to include papers tabled in previous Parliaments.
Details of papers currently available:

52nd Parliament (10 October 2006 to date)

51st Parliament (23 January 2004 to 15 August 2006)
50th Parliament (20 March 2001 to 13 January 2004)
49th Parliament (part) (22 April 1999 to 23 January 2001)

There are a number of different types of papers tabled in the Legislative Assembly including Annual reports, Budget papers, Committee papers, Legislation (bills, expl. notes), Legislation (Subordinate), Miscellaneous papers, and Overseas Travel reports.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Entrez:The Life Sciences Search Engine

Although this is not a new resource it is one well that is worth looking at. It is maintained by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (U.S.) and provides access to a wide-range of databases and access to some full text articles.

Policy Archive

This is a digital archive of global, non-partisan public policy and contains summaries and full text, videos, reports. briefs and multi-media material of think-tank, university, government, and foundation-funded policy research. There is a subject index, an internal search engine, abstracts, email notifications of newly added research and will shortly include user-generated publication reviews. Over time it is planned to expand to include policy content from international and corporate organizations.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Site established by the Australian Coal Association and its member companies to explain the issues related to climate change faced by the industry and the solutions they are working towards in Australia and worldwide.
Through the COAL21 Fund, the Australian black coal industry has committed over $1 billion to help develop low-emissions technologies such as carbon capture and storage. We believe a new generation of coal technologies will be an essential part of a global response to climate change.